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Getting Involved

The Lincolnshire Research Observatory is a valuable resource for anyone involved in using or creating research data and intelligence in Lincolnshire. By getting involved you will help to keep yourself informed of developments and help in the creation of a shared understanding of Lincolnshire, it's people and their needs.

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Make sure you know about all the latest data and intelligence loaded onto the Lincolnshire Research Observatory website.

Register as a user and have links to data and documents delivered to your inbox. You can choose to be alerted of all additions to the LRO or just the themes you are interested in. You can also choose to be alerted whenever items are loaded or a weekly summary. Once you are registered you can change your preferences or cancel alerts by editing your profile.

As a registered user you will also be able to save maps and data views you create in the LRO Presentation Tool.

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Share Research and Data

One of the main aims of the Lincolnshire Research Observatory is to encourage the sharing of data and intelligence across Lincolnshire. The LRO website provides a platform for this to happen. If you have data from your own research or service areas, or if you have produced intelligence and analysis could you share your findings?

Your data and your reports may well be helpful to others working on similar issues in other organisations or parts of the county. Local data provides a local dimension to Lincolnshire wide issues.

Why not get in touch to discuss sharing your data and reports?.

Give Us Feedback

We would like to know what you think of the LRO. This will help us improve what we do and make the site more useful. You can get in touch by e mailing us at or completing our feedback form.

Join Our Business Panel

Each quarter Lincolnshire County Council, in partnership with the Lincolnshire Chamber Of Commerce, produces a local Economic Briefing based on a survey of local employers.

The quarterly survey has been designed to give businesses and organisations a quick and simple way of reporting on local economic conditions. The results of the survey, which takes approximately 10 minutes to complete online, are also reported to HM Treasury and the Bank of England, ensuring that Lincolnshire views and issues inform their decision making.

If you would like to join the 3,000 businesses already signed up to the quarterly economic survey and who receive the Lincolnshire Economic Briefing then please contact the LRO for more information.

tel: 01522 550567