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Local Economic Asssessment

What is the Assessment?

The Local Economic Assessment (LEA) describes Lincolnshire in terms of its economic profile and examines a wealth of information at a local level. The LRO has produced an annual assessment as part of the Drivers for Change series for several years, but the 2011 publication fulfills a statutory duty.

How has it been carried out?

In producing the assessment, we have analysed a range of data – from international to local. To add insight to the statistical analysis, we have consulted widely with county businesses and organisations through our Insight Events and Quarterly Economic Survey, to get under the skin of local places and build up a comprehensive picture.

Taking the Assessment forward.

Following the consultation process responses have been considered and developed into a workplan that outlines how the assessment will be taken forward. The workplan "Taking the LEA forward" and a summary of the responses can be found in the resources section above.

If you would any further information on the document or the toolkit then please contact us at or (01522) 550570.

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