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Lincolnshire Research Observatory - Help

We hope that you find the site easy to use and find what you are looking for.


The menu bar is available on all the LRO main pages. You can always get back to the main page by pressing the home button. Some tools such as the data analysis tool do not have a menu and these should open in new window, so the LRO page will still be available to you in the original browser window.

Also available on every main page are links to our accessibility standards, this help page and our terms and conditions (which should always be referred to when using data within the site) these are displayed at the top and bottom of each page.

We welcome feedback on the site. Please contact us at if you have any other comments or questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

My password will not work - what should I do?

If you are using your password and user name from the old public website you will need to re-register. If you are already registered on this site you can have an email reminder sent you by clicking the link on the top right of the page.

I have stopped getting e mail alerts what should I do?

All alerts used to be sent out from the public site. You need to register on this site, your old password and username will not work. If you are already registered then you can check your profile and make sure you have requested the alerts you require.

What are the benefits of registering with the LRO?

The benefit of registering with the LRO is that you receive up-to-date information via email notification and have technical support when needed either by phone or email. Also, by registering, you can save any data you are working in the data analysis tool. If you were registered on the old (public) site then you will need to re-register.

Is all the data available from the old (public) LRO site available on the new site?

There is more data available on the new site - however we have removed some of the older less useful information.

What information is available?

The LRO has a range of up-to-date data covering aspects of life in Lincolnshire. The data is locally and nationally sourced and covers population, health, economics, education, business amongst others topics. Registered users can choose to be informed of new data releases. The search function allows you to find data by keyword or theme, producing a results page of all documents, datasets and news items.

Where can I find information about the area I live in?

Information about your area is available at various geographical levels. For a quick view of information about your area, why not try our area profiles facility.

Where can I find Lincolnshire's latest population information?

The latest population figures are displayed on the LRO homepage. You can choose to view the latest population estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) or GP register data. Further information can be found by searching for "population".

Where can I find the latest unemployment levels for the county?

Unemployment figures are released from ONS on a monthly basis. The LRO summarise this information for Lincolnshire in an information sheet produced on the day the figures are released. This can be found under documents or by searching for "Unemployment". When new information is released, a news item will appear on the right hand side of homepage.

Can I share my organisations' data or documents through the site?

Yes, the LRO encourages organisations to share information to help develop a robust shared evidence base supported by all Partners.

What is the Shared Evidence Base?

The LRO is the home of Lincolnshire's Shared Evidence Base. The website is the visual element of the partnership of organisations across the county which aims to share and improve access and provide quality information to other organisations, its partners and users. The Shared Evidence Base exists to improve understanding of challenges and opportunities within the county and ensure better targeted support for economic growth and well-being.

How do I make an enquiry about the LRO and how quickly is my enquiry dealt with?

The LRO will deal with any queries as quickly as possible. If you are looking for information will guide you to the right part of the website. If the data is not found, then you will be directed to another site where it should be available. Please be aware the LRO is staffed between normal working hours Monday – Friday (except bank holidays) and so please allow time for a response if your query is sent out of hours.

How can I find information?

You can use the site map which guides you through the LRO or an alternative option could be using the "Search" function. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, you can contact the LRO team.

Why is my access restricted?

Your access may be restricted as some of the data held on the LRO is of a sensitive nature. If you feel you should have access please send your request to the LRO.

Can I produce maps on the LRO?

A range of intelligence tools are available on the site that allow you to view information on maps. Some of the tools allow you to produce your own maps, you can also save the maps you produce if you are a registered user.

How can I find out about forthcoming releases?

All the latest data is available on our Release Calendar including forthcoming releases.

What is mosaic and how do I find out more?

Mosaic is a classification tool which describes households in terms of their typical demographics, their behaviours, their lifestyle characteristics and their attitudes. Mosaic identifies characteristics that the population are likely to display. It is important to remember that Mosaic is a probability tool, although significant effort has been used to ensure that the result is statistically robust and reflects reality on the ground.

I am having trouble viewing documents or running a Toolkit - what can I do?

Some of the toolkits on this site require flash and most of the documents are in PDF format. If you have problems viewing any of these files, click on the relevant link below to install

How can I keep in touch with the LRO?

Keep in touch with latest additions to the Lincolnshire Research Observatory by registering on the website. Simply click the register link on the top right of the page and fill in the form. You can choose to get e-mail alerts whenever data or documents are loaded or get a weekly round-up.

How do I add a shortcut to my desktop?

  1. In the top left corner click on File
  2. A drop down menu appears, click on Send
  3. A further menu appears, click on shortcut to desktop
  4. This will place the LRO icon on the desktop.

(These instruction are for Internet Explorer - Other browsers have similar facilties, contact us if you need help.

How do I add you to my Browser Favourites

  1. At the top click on Favourites
  2. Click add to Favourites
  3. Save to location of your choice

(These instruction are for Internet Explorer - Other browsers have similar facilties, contact us if you need help.)

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