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Would you like to find grants and funding for your Business or Community group?

Grants and funding from Lincolnshire County Council

Grants and funding can be very important when delivering everything from community projects to new business ventures.

Whilst grants should not be the only option you consider to fund a project or piece of work, they can form part of your wider income and provide a vital boost to many projects.

Lincolnshire County Council wants to help organisations find that vital source of grant funding. Grants from local, regional and national sources can all contribute to making Lincolnshire a more vibrant, prosperous and active county to live and work in.

You can access funding services from Lincolnshire County Council below. These include the Lincolnshire Funding Portal, GRANTnet Business, and the Really Useful Stuff Handbook.

To find out more about the latest grants available from Lincolnshire County Council use the following weblink:

Funding Search

Contact Email:

How can the LRO help you apply for grants and funding?

The LRO publishes datasets and reports that could provide valuable evidence to support your funding applications. Once you have identified a suitable source of funding you can use the data and information available on the LRO to support your application.

Any application is likely to score much higher if you have included factual data evidence such as accurate population figures or deprivation figures.

Click on the Themes menu at the top of the page to begin exploring the LRO data that could make the difference in your funding application.

Quick links

GRANTnet Business Lincolnshire Funding Portal

Business Lincolnshire Really Useful Stuff Handbook

Some brief information about the Lincolnshire Funding portal, Really Useful Stuff Handbook and GRANTnet Business is shown below.

Lincolnshire Funding portal

What is the Lincolnshire Funding portal?

This is the Community funding support website for Lincolnshire. It is a free funding resource for community and voluntary groups, charities, social enterprises, parish and town councils, community interest companies, religious and faith organisations, and youth groups.

What does it offer?

  • You can search through many sources of local and national grants and funding
  • View up to date details about grant schemes and new developments
  • Find grant schemes of interest, and save them for later
  • Download latest guidance and application forms, or contact details for funders

How is the Lincolnshire Funding portal accessed?

To search for community grants and funding you can use the Lincolnshire Funding portal. If you have registered for GRANTnet previously you will have to re-register to use the Lincolnshire Funding portal.

Lincolnshire Funding Portal

The Really Useful Stuff Handbook

Lincolnshire County Council in partnership with voluntary organisations produced this handbook so you can find all the useful information in one place, free of charge.

Really Useful Stuff (RUS) Handbook is a great resource that covers a whole range of community development issues such as resources (and grants and funding), running your group, and equality and diversity, to help you face the challenges and issues involved in running your organisations and groups.

What may seem like complicated issues have been put into a format providing simple step-by-step guidance and advice. You can access The RUS Handbook by clicking the button.

Download Handbook

GRANTnet Business

What is GRANTnet Business?

GRANTnet Business is a user-friendly free to use service aiming to help small and medium Businesses to identify funding sources. It is available for businesses, companies, coroporations, social enterprises, and community interest companies.

What does it offer?

  • You can search through many sources of
    local and national grants and funding
  • View up to date details about grant schemes and new developments

How does GRANTnet Businesss work?

Once you have registered with GRANTnet Business, you will be e-mailed a password which will allow you to gain access. Having logged into the system, you must answer a few simple questions about your organisation and the project which you wish to undertake; GRANTnet Business will then provide an overview of all the schemes available.

How is GRANTnet Business accessed?

You can register on GRANTnet Business by clicking the button and registering your details.

GRANTnet Business

Other resources - Business Lincolnshire:

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