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Area Profiles

A range of themed profiles are available. Use the drop down menus below to make your selection. Try the Lincolnshire Economic Assessment Profile for a general profile of an area.

How To Use

Once you have opened a profile, if historic information is available you will see a [+] in the Period column, pressing this will display earlier data.

The Value column displays the data for each indicator - the units are in the title or shown when you hover over the (i) icon on the left

You can add a comparator value, where available, using the drop-down selector located above the data. Also, some profiles may display in sections, which can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the +/- box(es) on the left. Clicking on the icon on the right of a particular indicator will take you to our data analysis tool where you can see the data displayed as a map, chart and data table.

Please note that not all indicators are available at all geographies.

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Finding Other Profiles

There are a number of area profile documents available on the LRO. To find these simply type "profile" into the search above, press go (or press enter)and then select the documents tab when the results are returned.

Area Profiles